Commercial Division Online Law Report: Annual Holiday Party at BEA NYC

By: Diana Ricaurte | Staff member

This past fall semester, the Commercial Division Online Law Report (“CDOLR”) hosted its annual holiday party for all of its staff members on November 18, 2016, at BEA NYC from 6:00pm to 9:00pm. The purpose of the event was to allow the current Executive Board members, staff members, and the CDOLR Faculty Advisors to socialize and acquaint themselves with one another over appetizers and beverages.

At the event, staffers had the opportunity to share their law school experiences with each other and provide candid advice to one another. Specifically, the soiree allowed for the executive board members to discuss their particular roles on the CDOLR Executive Board in the hopes of sparking interest in CDOLR’s leadership positions in the next academic year. Members openly discussed their current place of employment and the status of prospective summer internships and post-graduate job searches. Importantly, CDOLR’s annual holiday party allowed staffers to be informal with one another to allow polite conversations over food and drinks in the city.

Overall, CDOLR’s holiday party was an excellent opportunity for the Executive Board and all staff members to get to know one another on a festive night in the city. On a personal note, the CDOLR annual holiday party reminded me of the significance of networking, where I learned of future internship opportunities from current law students. As an academic journal, CDOLR is an enriching organization that welcomes all members who may have diverse legal interests, but seek to learn more about commercial law.

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