Greetings Commercial Law Practitioners, Judges, Law Students, and Academic Faculty.

The St. John’s University School of Law Commercial Division Online Law Report (the “CDOLR”) seeks to produce quality case summaries and comments on complex commercial cases from the New York Commercial Division Courts.

The CDOLR serves as a leading online secondary source for noteworthy decisions from the Commercial Division. As an online publication journal, the CDOLR works to provide instant and direct recitation of a case’s pertinent facts and holding. As a student-run organization, the role of all CDOLR Staffers is to analyze long and complex written decisions and produce a short, concise, and organized summary. The summaries produced and published online undergo a rigorous editing process by the CDOLR’s Managing Editors, Editor-in-Chief, and Faculty Advisers.

In addition to summarizing Commercial Division decisions, the CDOLR provides multiple opportunities for its staffers to network. The CDOLR advocates that its staffers be excellent on paper and in practice. Therefore, all CDOLR staffers are required to attend networking events and programs related to areas of commercial law with the aim of building their individual networks, gathering valuable information, making positive impressions, meeting new people, and meaningfully connecting with another professional in the commercial law field.

While the CDOLR is student-run, the CDOLR welcomes practitioners to submit case comments and brief academic articles relevant to the Commercial Division. Interested practitioners may contact the CDOLR at cdolrsubmissions@gmail.com Law students at St. John’s are eligible to apply as a Staff Writer to the CDOLR. Interested applicants should look for the application release in May or June of every year or email the Editor-in-Chief.

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The 2022-2023 CDOLR Executive Board

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Ezra Rash



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